Mastodon & the Fediverse

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Room 180 Audience All Attendees Time Slot Sat 2:00pm to 2:45pm (2/24/24)

Want social media without all the ads, algorithms, spying and a chronological timeline? Come to the Fediverse, a group of open-source social media alternatives that give the user more control over their data and experience.

In this session, I’ll explain how it works, go over the most popular services like Mastodon, walk through how to join an “instance”, and what it means for the future of the open web.

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About the Speaker

Adam Varn

Senior Front-end Developer at Lullabot

Tampa, FL

Adam Varn is a front-end Developer who built his first website in 1997 when he launched “Adam’s Game Reviews” for a local ISP’s portal. The ISP paid him in video games. To earn actual money for his work, he started building other sites in HTML and Cold Fusion.

In 2008, he began creating his first Drupal themes, learning the ins and outs of Drupal site-building and configuration. Before joining Lullabot, he ran his own Drupal development company where he helped solve problems for non-profits, advocacy organizations, local government, and educational institutions.