Friday, February 15, 2019 - 09:00 to 12:00
Skill level: 
Florida Technical College - Orlando Campus - Room TBD

While decoupling Drupal 8 sites has been very popular in recent years, creating a decoupled site architecture is no small feat. With GatsbyJS, however, we can build out a decoupled, statically-generated site by harnessing the power of Gatsby’s Drupal 8 source plugin, Node API, and a little bit of ReactJS magic. This training presents how to JAMStack-ify a Drupal 8 site.

Over the course of this half-day training, we will cover:

  • Installing the Gatsby command line interface (CLI) tools
  • Creating a Gatsby project on a local machine
  • React basic concepts
  • Configuring a Drupal 8 site to serve as a data source for Gatsby
  • Querying Drupal data in Gatsby using GraphQL
  • Programmatically rendering lists of content from Drupal
  • Creating static pages in Gatsby from Drupal sponsored data
  • Building and deploying your Gatsby site to Netlify

At the end of the training we will have gone from a bare-bones Drupal 8 site and a vanilla Gatsby startkit to a fully-functioning statically-generated Gatsby blog site powered by Drupal 8.

  • Node/NPM installed on your local machine (macOS, Linux, or Windows)
  • Basic familiarity with Javascript (note: React experience is a big plus, but not required)
About the instructor: 

Adam Bergstein & Ryan Bateman