Power of Webforms & Multi-lingual Features in Drupal 8

Parent Track: 
Site Building

I'd like to deliver a complete session about Webforms & Multi-lingual capabilities in Drupal 8. Yes, no other CMS has such a potential to manage these two features so efficiently than Drupal.

I will also walk through a Complete Government Site I've built for WSSP that gathers information from all cities across the province Via Webforms & generate statistical analysis in no time.


Key Points of My Session: 

  • Installing Standard Drupal 8. 
  • Install & Enable Webform & Webform Analysis Module.
  • Enable Core Multi-lingual Modules.
  • Explore Webform & it's common plugins.
  • Create Two Forms One for Farmers across the Region to Submit their concerns.
  • 2nd for labors to submit their problems to City Officers.
  • Create Reports based on the Entries.
  • Translate those forms.

Showing another practical example of my previous government project, of how we utilizes webform to save time & efforts. Link ( https://totalsanitationkp.gov.pk/form/local-government-enterprise-data )

Target Users:

  • Drupal Site Builders / End Users


Thank You.