The new Layout Builder: Unleash the Power!

Parent Track: 
Site Building

Come learn how the Layout Builder module can be used as a powerful site building tool to replace much of the functionality of Panels & Panelizer. We will also show how the Layout Builder can be used in ways you have come to love Paragraphs for or even how you can use Paragraphs inside the new Layout Builder.

The session will teach you how to get the most out of the Layout Builder module.

The session will explain:

  • Managing field displays using different view modes to make Views even more powerful
  • Using Views inside the Layout Builder to expose relevant content to your users
  • Creating dynamic user profile pages with the Layout Builder and Views
  • Allowing content editors to customize the layout of individual nodes
  • Fine tuning the Layout Builder experience for your content editors
  • Creating dynamic Landing Pages with Inline Blocks and other tools
  • Using the Layout Builder with Inline Blocks view modes to make even more powerful Landing Pages
  • Replacing your Paragraphs workflow with the Layout Builder
  • Using Paragraphs within the Layout Builder
  • Using contrib modules to make the Layout Builder even more powerful