How to keep Drupal relevant in the Git-based and API-driven CMS era

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Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

How many times have you ever heard? "Choose the right tool for the job" or "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

The Drupal community is embracing the "Get off the island" mantra. Modernizing Drupal was the goal of the latest Drupal 8 release, but technology moves faster than the awesome community could improve our beloved platform.

Gatsby is taking the world by storm and the JAMstack is here to stay. Come to this session, to learn what can we do to keep Drupal relevant and this new era.

During this session you will learn:

  • The main differences between a "Traditional CMS" - "Headless CMS" - "Static Site".
  • The importance of decoupling the "Content Management GUI" from the "Production Environment".
  • The benefits of using a modern JAMstack to serve your site.¬†
  • How can you improve the UX providing a GUI when using a Git-based CMS.
  • How to use Drupal to provide a GUI and content for a Git-based/API-driven CMS.
  • Which modules you need on your Drupal site to behave as Headless CMS and provide a better integration with GatsbyJS.
  • Which GatsbyJS plugins are required to a better integration with a Drupal data source.
  • How to properly configure GatsbyJS plugins to take advantage of markdown preprocessing.
  • How to deploy your site to a CDN.
  • How to triggering automatic builds based on content updates.