Hacking Amazon AWS for Drupal & Wordpress (with DevPanel)

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DevPanel automates your AWS account. Develop, Deploy, Manage, and Scale Drupal. All point & click! All in your own account.

DevPanel sets up a highly-available auto-scaling cluster in your AWS account where you can create as many Drupal sites as you want, each with its own dev/test/live versions. 

The cluster shrinks down to one or two servers at night when you don't have any traffic and can automatically grow to handle all the traffic for all your sites. This, itself, will save you a ton of money in hosting your sites. If you're OK using SPOT instances, then you can also save up to 90% on AWS standard compute rates too.

DevPanel is tightly integrated with AWS and uses Elastic Container Service (ECS) with Elastic File System (EFS), Relational Database Service (RDS) and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) to build a solid micro-services based framework under your AWS account. All the scripts are Open Source and available under GPL on GitHub/devpanel. 

Come see how you can start using DevPanel individually and with your teams.