A Crash Course in Craft CMS for Drupal Developers

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Drupal was our preferred CMS for many years. But a handful of things started to bug me.¹ So 4 years ago I sought out another CMS to use for our content-driven projects.

Since we’re primarily a PHP agency, I limited my research to a PHP CMS. Initially, I considered static site generators to maximize front-end performance & ditch the database. But due to the dynamic nature of our projects, going completely file-based wasn’t realistic.

I ended up choosing Craft CMS, which also has an active community & rich plugin system. We’ve been very happy with it — and so have our clients!

In this talk I’ll cover:

  • criteria I used to select our new go to CMS
  • quick review of Craft CMS core concepts
  • comparison with Drupal
  • where Drupal still shines

Who wins in a Drupal vs Craft cage match? Well I’m not really going to bash Drupal (too much). Drupal has a warm spot in my cold developer heart. And Craft isn’t perfect, it also has its shortcomings. So if you want to learn about a recent PHP CMS from the perspective a Drupal developer then attend my session.

¹ I’ll discuss my pain points in the talk. You might be very familiar with most of them!