Florida DrupalCamp 2017
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If you want to see how other people uses Drupal 8, for sure this is a session you'll want to see! During the first year of the Core 8 release, Evolving Web has been working on multiple "moving to D8" projects all across North America.

On this session, I will present a couple of projects we worked on and launched in the second half of 2016: CRN & CARTaGENE respective Websites Redesign.

I will focus on the overall approach and how we managed to solve each interesting project issue on top of different techniques and after a lot of brainstorming and discussion.

Both projects were kind of similar. Some of the common aspects among both, and I will dedicate most of my time to talk about, were:

  • Project Management (Team size, Sprints, management tools...)
  • Content Architecture approach (References, Inline Entity Form...)
  • Dev, Demos & Staging Environments (Docker)
  • Site building process (Configuration Management Workflow, Modules, and team sync)
  • Theming (Bootstrap, SASS, TWIIIIIIIIIIIG :) )

Some different aspect between both that I will talk too (features in one but not on the other):

  • Data Import process.
  • Multilingual.
  • Content management with the clients working live on a staging site while developing.

See you in New Jersey!