Florida DrupalCamp 2017
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Site Building
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In this session, I will guide you through the steps required to effectively setup a dev workflow to enable your team members to synchronize and develop Drupal 8 websites based on Configuration Management, Git and Drush.

This is just one of many different approaches you may find online and it is based on our development and training experience with Drupal 8 at Evolving Web.

For sure, you will clear out a lot of doubts on how to actually set up your team to start working on Drupal 8 right away.

The session is divided in a small intro and the rest is a live demo based on the following sample scenario:

  • A "hypothetical" team of just 2 developers: Amy and Mario
  • A new Drupal 8 Project site we will be running on Acquia Dev Desktop.
  • And a GitHub repository for it (we will create a public repository for this exercise