Florida DrupalCamp 2017
Parent Track: 
Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Let's say a customer runs into your office with a huge rush to start selling his "Mexican imported shoes" online. It might be a big risk to take on the project, but why lose the work if you can come up with a solution in an acceptable time frame?

In this session, I will build a website from scratch with the Bootstrap base theme, Drupal Commerce and a simple PayPal payment process. I'll also mention some other similar theming solutions that are available out there.

The session is divided in 10 minutes presentation and 35 minutes live site building of the store, starting with a Drupal Install and finishing with an actual purchase of a product through PayPal sandbox.

Who will enjoy this session?

- Newcomers to the Drupal World
- Web Designers
- Front-End Developers
- Drupal Themers
- Drupal Site Builders
- Anyone who wants to know how to build a Bootstrap + DrupalCommerce in less than 45 minutes…