Florida DrupalCamp 2017
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Beginner Track

"Oh definitely Mr. Client, Drupal can integrate with your Identity Provider so your users can benefit from Single Sign On!"

There's a module for that right?

If you're like me when I first started my Drupal journey, I thought I could just install/enable a module, set a few configurations and be on my way to blissfully allowing users to SSO into my client's new site. 

Wrong! It's not quite that easy, but thanks to a long, bumpy, fly by the seat of your pants adventure of integrating with a 100 pound gorilla's Identity Provider I'm here today to share the sunny side of this type of integration.

This mostly sunny weather forecast will include the following:

  • Demystifying the architecture of an SSO integration I.E.: IDP, SP, Metadata, etc.
  • Set up your first Service Provider using SimpleSAMLPHP
  • Set up your first Identity Provider to mock your customer's metadata using SimpleSAMLPHP
  • Install/enable the SimpleSAMLPHP_Auth module
  • Properly configure the SimpleSAMLPHP_Auth module
  • Map additional metadata to other fields for your users
  • Easily debug failing assertions and improperly mapped metadata

My first adventure in this type of integration used Drupal 7 as its platform but today's session will use Drupal 8 as its platform, so we'll also take a quick look at the differences between implementation in v7 and v8.

Join me for this session and answer your client's with confidence regarding their SSO needs!