Pantheon/Acquia-like hosting in your own Cloud Provider account!

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Wait. What are you paying for hosting your site? 

Discover the TEN ways DevPanel can help you get your site under control…

  1. Minimize your costs: use your own Cloud Provider
  2. Full control: run your Dev > Test > Live environments
  3. Batteries Included: VS Code Code-Server IDE, phpMyAdmin, etc.
  4. All browser based: Dev environments are not tied to any laptop! 
  5. Faster Onboarding: no need for local environments for each developer
  6. Pair Programming anyone? Let developers collaborate on their dev environments!
  7. Fully Compatible: Git-Flow and Multi-dev workflow - like you’re used to… 
  8. Low Risk: import/export from/to Pantheon and Acquia
  9. Hassle-Free: auto-scale up and down using Kubernetes and micro-services
  10. No Vendor Lock In: Everything runs in your own Cloud Provider account - even without DevPanel!

See how you can run Drupal, Wordpress, or any custom app on your cloud provider with a point-and-click control panel that removes the complexity of managing your own infrastructure and puts the controls back in your hands. 

Come see what DevPanel can do for you!

** We're also looking for Beta-Testers for some amazing upcoming tech **