Introduction to Docker

Parent Track: 
Development & Performance

Containers. Everyone talks about containers being the hot, "new" way to host your Drupal website. But what are they really and how do you use them? Why are they so great? How do local development tools like Lando, Docsal, Ddev, and others actually get Drupal running on my computer?

If you've ever found yourself asking these questions or wondering how to get started with Docker, this is the talk for you. We'll start with an overview of containers and terminology, outlining the pros/cons of using containers and mapping our volumes to our mounts. Once our baseline of knowledge is established, we'll continue on to talk about leveraging Docker for local development through regular Docker as well as with a few, popular, local development tools.  And finally, we'll review how to run your Docker containers in production (or test, staging, or any other environment) using best-in-class hosting platforms to make the process as easy as possible coupled with real-world examples that power enterprise websites.

If you've ever been wondering how to get your Drupal site running inside Tupperware, err, containers, you won't want to miss this session