Developing Drupal using Windows with Linux

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Development & Performance
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In this session we will learn how to use all the linux tools we love while still running Windows 10. 

My work computer runs windows 10 but doesn't actually have any development tools installed on it. All of that runs in my linux enviroment. Even in my linux enviroment my host machine doesn't run many dev tools directly. Most dependancies are run via docker.

During this session we will cover many topics including:

  1. Running ubuntu with Hyper-V
  2. Using WSL2 for those on the fast track
  3. Using X11 server to forward programs like vscode from linux to the windows enviroment.
  4. Using docker with tools like lando and ddev.
  5. Keeping dependancies with the project and on your host machine.
  6. Setting up and running tools like xdebug.

This session will NOT be about installing wamp, cygwin, docker for windows, or any other windows tool. We will focus on how to setup our local linux server either with a vm or with WSL2.