Centralised content distribution and syndication demystified. Why and how?

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Development & Performance
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Often large organizations have a need to share content across multiple Drupal sites within their platform. This could be sharing content like news, events, or staff profiles, and can be achieved with creating a central content repository.

A central content repository allows the content editors to edit content directly from the backend of one site. Using the publisher site, organizations can publish, reuse, and syndicate content across a variety of subscriber sites and publishing channels.

Feature Highlights

  1. Centrally manage the content through one platform
  2. Cross-publish articles on full networks of subscriber sites.
  3. Use a simple site vs category mapping for automated syndication of articles.
  4. Have a centralized reporting to boost the editorial teams’ productivity & article publication pace.

Learning Objectives
At the end of the session the attendees would be able to take away the following:

  • Centralized Content Distribution Architecture.
  • Real-time content syndication by setting up publisher and subscriber sites.
  • Configuring content schema between publisher and subscriber sites.
  • Minimizing Failures during data transmission.
  • Choosing the right infrastructure for content distribution.

Target Audience
Developer, Architects, and Organisations maintaining multiple Drupal properties.

Drupal 8 site-building