All The Different Ways To Host Your Drupal Site On AWS

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Development & Performance

With the recent set of AWS commercials airing during popular sporting events and other pop-culture TV shows it is no surprise that many individuals equate "the cloud" to AWS. All-told, Amazon Web Services has taken control of the online "cloud" marketplace and released hundreds of different products from virtual servers (EC2) to multiple ways to run containers (ECS, EKS) to a variety of different storage techniques.

For folks just getting started with trying to host their Drupal website, it can be overwhelming with the number of offerings and quickly cause developers to go running to the trusty "virtual server" that they install LAMP on and call it a day. But that isn't the best option for hosting your Drupal site on AWS. Join us as AWS Certified Solutions Architect Brian Thompson goes through the multiple ways of hosting your Drupal website in "the cloud" including servers, databases, storage, scaling, and tips/tricks along the way. You'll walk away from the talk with a better understanding of how AWS can work for you and you can get the most bang for your buck (or your client's buck) while making sure you don't get phone calls on New Years Eve about a site being down.