Winning at Work: 7 Secrets to Communicating Well

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Being Human
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Human beings love to win. One could say we are wired to win, and typically, we enjoy our victories best when shared.

This session will illuminate 7 secrets to Better Communication, including...

  1. The challenges and advantages we receive from our core brain/body evolutionary programming
  2. The power of deliberate, structured communication
  3. How the relationship with Self affects the relationship to others and to the collective
  4. How to cultivate a positive orientation for problem-solving (rather than negative orientation which leads mostly to complaining!)
  5. What win-win means (and it’s not I give a little, you give a little, and we are both compromised and disgruntled)
  6. How maintaining two levels of awareness can harness the true power of your mind
  7. Why winning feels so good: the power of gratitude and acknowledgment.