Fostering Inclusivity in the Open Source World

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Being Human
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What do we mean when we talk about inclusion, and why is it important?

All too often diversity initiatives are hyper focused on gender and ethnicity. By limiting diversity efforts to gender and race, we exclude many other autonomous groups who are unique and vital to our community's culture.

Without inclusivity, members of those underrepresented groups can feel isolated and it can be difficult to retain people when they don’t feel that they can be themselves. If we expect individuals to put on a homogenous persona, it defeats the point of having a diverse community.

As a community we need to grow into a more inclusive entity.. consideration for those with physical disabilities, neuro-diversity, etc.

In this session we’ll talk about definitions, examples, and actions to help us grow the Drupal project stronger through inclusive practices.

Discussion points will include:
- What is inclusion? Including: definitions, clarifications, and real-life examples
- Why is inclusion important?
- How we can embrace accessibility for those with every sort of ability
- Why awareness isn’t enough — how to shift to being more process oriented