Becoming a better speaker

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Beginner Track
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Have you considered presenting at an Open-Source Camp but thought you didn’t know enough or felt like an imposter? Do you not know what to do with your hands? Do you want tips for dealing with questions from the audience? This session is geared to new speakers and more experienced speakers who would like more tips and tricks.  

***You do NOT have to have any experience in public speaking. This workshop is for all levels of experience.

This presentation is for you if:

  • You are new to public speaking or you have done it before and would like more tips and tricks.


  • Why speak at Open-Source events?
  • Dispelling some myths about speakers/speaking
  • Becoming a Better Speaker Dos and Don'ts
  • Common Speaker Mistakes
  • Nerves
  • How to practice
  • Handling the Q&A
  • Practice giving a short talk

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Feel more confident in public speaking
  • Understand that feeling like an imposter is normal
  • Understand how to handle questions from the audience during the talk and the Q&A section after
  • Have techniques to practice speaking
  • Have techniques to handle nerves