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(for electric vehicles and the Drupal community)

You are driving to Drupal Camp and your electric vehicle needs a charge. Finding a charger on a map is one thing. What if it's in use? What if you need to pee? How long will the charge take? Where can you go while waiting? Drupal to the rescue!

A little planning and bit of code can turn today's dumb charging experience into an amazing digital one. A great side effect is that open charging solutions will drive demand for new application development by your favorite online community.

David Thompson will explain this growth vector, covering topics that include:

  • How bundled services and smart service systems can add new value
  • The Drupal modules behind community charging solutions
  • Solving data integration problems between disparate systems
  • The role of open protocol hardware and open source software
  • On affordability and incorporating existing infrastructure
  • Energy as content, and syndicating it via Drupal web services

This is cool. Drupal 8, with its deep capabilities and flexibility, is ready to scale this clean EV related tech dramatically.