Session submission deadline is February 4th, 2017

Every project is a story: Applying storytelling to your client interactions

Speaker: mcdwayne
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Humans think in stories. Every story follows a general pattern.  Once we learn to see these patterns we can more readily create new stories.  In this session we will explore these story structures and how we can use them when we deal with our peers and clients.  Learn how to translate your clients and stakeholders dreams into real plans by breaking down back of envelope designs into actionable stories. Beginners and seasoned professionals looking to level up on our human skills should attend.  

Topics will cover: 
Defining a story (The Story Spine)
Translating dreams into goals and actionable steps
Using the larger story as your roadmap
Driving your process with 'why'


Speaker: ebeyrent
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Site Building

Drupal 8 provides a robust configuration management system which represents a paradigm shift from previous versions of Drupal.  It's now easier than ever to represent your configuration in code and manage it with source control.  However, that may not be enough.

This session will propose a new strategy for thinking about Drupal 8 configuration, treating it as just another dependency, managed the same way code dependencies are managed with Composer.

We'll cover:

  • Drupal 8 configuration management overview
  • New ways of managing your git repository
  • Composer and Drupal Console
  • Drupal 8 multisite considerations

Using Drupal with Camunda, an open source BPMN workflow management system

Speaker: ishanmahajan
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Development & Performance

In certain situations, where multiple teams and applications are involved, a combination of a Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN 2.0) Workflow Management System and a content management system is a great fit.

In this case study, we look at how Drupal was integrated with Camunda, an open source BPMN workflow engine to solve the need of an enterprise client.

In this session, you'll learn what a BPMN workflow engine is, how it is different from Drupal's workflow capabilities and how you can easily integrate Drupal with Camunda

We'll look at how the Camunda-Drupal connector module can be configured to setup a content creation workflow. Users interact with Drupal to complete each step of the workflow, while Drupal workflow administrators can configure the forms and actions for each step.

Camunda is used to model the workflow, inform Drupal of the next workflow step and track basic information such as the time taken to complete a workflow step.

Who should attend:

  • Developers and architects who regularly integrate Drupal with other softwares within large organisations.
  • Developers and architects who are interested in learning more about Drupal's REST API capabilities and how Drupal is a great fit for creating web portals for back end enterprise softwares.

Debug Drupal With Devel, Xdebug + More

Speaker: labboy0276
Audience: Beginner
Track: Development & Performance

Learn how to debug Drupal using modules such as Devel, Kint & Web Profilier. Get a handle on even more powerful tools such as Xdebug with Sublime. When I first got into Drupal as an experienced PHP programmer, I was mystified by the backend of Drupal -- so many multidimensional arrays, so many hooks, so much stuffs! I figured it out fairly quickly, though, with help of a few tools, which I’ll show you. 

Some topics I will cover:

  • General Debuging / Troubleshootin tips.
  • Devel + Web Profilier
  • XDebug + My IDE of Choice

Security in Drupal 8: Tips and Tricks

Speaker: nerdstein
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Site Building

Security is a principle concern for both enterprise and public sector websites. As site building shifts into Drupal 8, organizations are seeking applicable information on baking security into the process from the beginning.


This talk will explore some of the core and contributed solutions that help resolve problems that negatively impact the security of a Drupal 8 installation. We’ll review site building and architecture, and provide application-level hardening techniques for security topics like auditing, access control, phishing, authentication, encryption, and log management. As a final take-home checklist, we’ll give some high-level tips for improving the security of your DevOps processes and hosting environments.

Drupal 8 Kickstart: A Developer’s Guide

Speaker: xpsusa
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Development & Performance

Highlighting the most current and key Drupal 8 concepts, this fast-paced session shows what a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site.

This session lays out for intermediate and advanced Drupal developers where to expand their knowledge to include PHP OOP, Symfony, and the newest Drupal 8 concepts and coding requirements. See where and how to integrate a custom module in Drupal 8.

When this presentation is complete the developer will have a solid mental roadmap of Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 Kickstart provides a look at these aspects of Drupal 8:

- Overview of Drupal 8 Ecosystem
- Composer, Drush, Drupal Console
- Site directory structure
- Module structure
- Yaml (.yml) files
- How Symfony fits in
- PHP OOP: Interfaces, abstract classes, classes, traits
- Annotations and Comments
- Dependency injection
- Services
- Bootstrap flow
- Events
- Routing and controllers
- Caching, Caching a Render Array
- Render Array
- Hooks (Are Events) in Drupal 8
- Valuable changes to know
- Drupal Module Upgrader
- More Resources

Aimed directly at busy Drupal developers who need to catch up now on Drupal 8.

Custom Content Migrations to Drupal 8

Speaker: ultimike
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Beginner Track

Even if you're only casually acquainted with Drupal 8, you probably know that the core upgrade path to Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten from the ground-up, using many of the concepts of the Migrate and Drupal-to-Drupal migration modules. Using the new core Migrate modules, it is possible to migrate much of a Drupal 6 (or Drupal 7) site to Drupal 8 with a minimum of fuss. But, the core "Migrate upgrade" is similar to previous Drupal core upgrade paths - there are no options to pick-and-choose what is to be migrated - it's all-or-nothing.

This session will demonstrate how to create and run a simple custom content migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. The workshop will include an overview of migration concepts, a discussion of how each module fits into the overall process, code samples, as well as a live (danger!) demo of the migration in action.

Get a Great Drupal Job

Speaker: rhuffstedtler
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Working with Drupal is great. Working with Drupal and getting paid for it is even better! In the last year, we’ve interviewed over 30 developers, site builders, and themers. In this session, I’ll share with you some insights about what you as an individual can do to improve your chances of finding the opportunity that’s right for you, getting noticed by the recruiter, acing the interviews, and transitioning into a fulfilling career with an organization that loves Drupal as much as you do.

In addition to our own insights, friends at Drupal centric organizations like Pantheon, Acquia, Duke University, and several others have graciously provided input based on their experiences.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. What does “A Great Drupal Job” mean for you as an individual?
  2. Where are recruiters looking for Drupal candidates?
  3. How can you stand out from the crowd?
  4. How can you prepare for the interview?
  5. How do you follow up after the interview?
  6. What do you do when you get the offer?
  7. How do you make a great start at your new job?

Moving our company site from Drupal 7 to 8: Sharing our Experience

Speaker: Jorge Diaz
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Site Building

The session

In this presentation, I will describe the entire process of moving our legacy company website (Drupal 7, built in 2011) into a brand new Drupal 8 site created from scratch.

The presentation is conceived to be wide and descriptive enough to just "present" how our company setup every step and then delivered it on top of Drupal 8.

Key points we will talk about:

- Project Management: Conception & Phases
- Information Architecture.
- Migration process.
- Content Staging
- Site Building.
- Results.

Who I am?

I'm an Acquia Certified Grand Master Developer currently working as Drupal Front-end Developer & Themer at Evolving Web, a Montreal-based company with an amazing team of co-worker Drupal Developers.

More than 9 years of experience delivering Drupal based General Purpose solutions for different sectors such as Job Boards, Product Portfolios, Geo Coding, Real Estate solutions, E-Commerce, Classifieds, Corporate and online Magazines/Newspapers.

Where I work

Evolving Web is a Montreal-based team of Drupal experts. We provide consulting, development and training services to guide our clients through successful Drupal projects. Our team is dedicated to careful planning, an agile project workflow, development best practices, and active knowledge transfer with our clients.

We're active members of the Drupal community and contribute back to the community in many ways. We organize local meet-ups, camps, and community training events. We also do presentations on a variety of Drupal-related topics. We've organized and attended code sprints and contributed code to the Drupal project. We regularly sponsor DrupalCons and DrupalCamps.

We Are All Making This Up: Improv Lessons For Developers

Speaker: mcdwayne
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Beginner Track

There are a lot of parallels between the open source development world and Improv communities.  The goal of this talk is to expose the similarities and directly apply the core principles from the stagecraft of improv to get better code, smoother projects and ultimately happier customers.  At the end the audience will be able to take practical examples and very simple exercises back to their organizations to better communicate with customers and internal stakeholders alike as well as techniques to get ‘unstuck’ when hitting major blockages in creativity needed for elegant code.  


Topics will include:

    Parallels between the Dev Community and Improv

    Core principles of Improv and how we can embrace them for better code, including

        - Active Listening

        -Yes, And…

        -Embracing failure as part of the process

    Simple group exercises for any size team to improve communications

Getting Started with Docker for Development

Speaker: lhridley
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Development & Performance

As the Docker project has moved from beta into a stable version, the use of containerization and more specifically Docker containers is gaining traction and popularity.

This session is an introduction to Docker and containerization, and will cover:

* What is Docker

* How can I use Docker to improve development processes?

* What does a Docker "stack" look like?

* How can I get started using Docker for development?

* Interesting projects to watch

Do It For Yourself: How to Make It As A Solo Drupal Shop

Speaker: hotsaucedesign
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

On the Florida Drupal scene since 2010, Hot Sauce Design & Development (that's me!) has managed to survive the crazy, stressful, fun world of being a solo Drupal shop. In this session, I will discuss my own experience with running a strictly Drupal web development shop succssfully for over 7 years.

I will discuss topics like:

  • How to get things going on your own
  • What to charge
  • What clients to strive for (or not)
  • Working with other independent shops
  • How to find the resources you need for that one big project
  • And how not to lose your mind and maybe make enough to keep the lights on.

Though results are obviously not guaranteed, this session is geared towards those looking to go fly solo, those who already are, and those who want to ridicule people nuts enough to be "self-employed". Lots of time at the end for Q&A as well!

Automate Estimates, Resource Loading , and Sprint plans

Speaker: gogates
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Estimating projects has always been an arduous task for organizations. There are many challenges associated with the estimation process. Many times, the projects to be estimated are similar and hence creating estimates from scratch is redundant and time consuming. High level sprint planning with complexity and logic calculations is also a challenge. Will talk about how did we go about automating:

- Estimates (Templates:  e-Commerce, Intranet, Knowledge Portal, or Corporate Website)

- Resource loading (high and low)

- Sprint plans (Agile projects)

Using Drupal 8 to make clients happy: 2 Case Studies

Speaker: Jorge Diaz
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Site Building

If you want to see how other people uses Drupal 8, for sure this is a session you'll want to see! During the first year of the Core 8 release, Evolving Web has been working on multiple "moving to D8" projects all across North America.

On this session, I will present a couple of projects we worked on and launched in the second half of 2016: CRN & CARTaGENE respective Websites Redesign.

I will focus on the overall approach and how we managed to solve each interesting project issue on top of different techniques and after a lot of brainstorming and discussion.

Both projects were kind of similar. Some of the common aspects among both, and I will dedicate most of my time to talk about, were:

  • Project Management (Team size, Sprints, management tools...)
  • Content Architecture approach (References, Inline Entity Form...)
  • Dev, Demos & Staging Environments (Docker)
  • Site building process (Configuration Management Workflow, Modules, and team sync)
  • Theming (Bootstrap, SASS, TWIIIIIIIIIIIG :) )

Some different aspect between both that I will talk too (features in one but not on the other):

  • Data Import process.
  • Multilingual.
  • Content management with the clients working live on a staging site while developing.

See you in New Jersey!

Selling healthcare insurance plans with Drupal

Audience: All Attendees
Track: Site Building

This session is sponsored by SpinSpire.

In this session we will show how we built a healthcare portal for one of Florida's largest insurers for healthcare using Drupal. This presentation will cover site-building, contrib modules and custom modules, theming, integrations, data import, security and optimization. One of the biggest components of this site is the integration with multiple enterprise services, ranging from rating engines to the ACA healthcare exchange. We will discuss the challenges encountered as well as the solutions implemented. Lastly, we will discuss how JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS & ReactJS) evaluated with Drupal to enhance usability and performance of the application.


  • Site features (plan selection, checkout, dual DB schema, shopping cart)
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Data integration: migrate v/s feeds
  • Internal and external integration with enterprise services (rating engine, physician directory,, cart checkout, google analytics, salesforce)
  • Challenges in implementing a healthcare site - Security & HIPAA
  • UI development: AngularJS v/s ReactJS


Enterprise Drupal 8 Strategies: A Developer’s Guide

Speaker: xpsusa
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Development & Performance

Get up to speed on the best-practice development techniques and workflow strategies that are being used now by Drupal agencies to stand up and maintain enterprise Drupal 8 websites fast.

This fast-paced session is filled with numerous Drupal 8 and general development tips for running an enterprise Drupal 8 website in today’s cloud-based and services development environment.

Drupal developers following the tips from this presentation will be able to step up their website game, ratchet down hours in development, shorten time to market, and increase customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Drupal 8 Strategies provides a look at:

Power User Prerequisites
Platform Resources
Essential Services
Local Dev: LEMP / LAMP / Docker / Kalabox
Teams / Workflow / Git Flow
Monitoring: New Relic, Pingdom
Files and Filesystem
Continuous Integration (CI)
CDNs / Fastly / CloudFlare
AWS S3 Integration
Performance and Load Testing
PHP Warnings & Notices / 404s
APIs / Static IP
Caching Strategies
Watchdog / Logs
Browser Developer Tools
Drush / Drupal Console / Composer
Configuration Management (CMI)
Drupal 8 Configuration Roundup

Aimed directly at busy, intermediate and advanced Drupal developers, this session delivers the info/strategies that will help you streamline and boost your enterprise Drupal 8 website development speed and enhance development quality.

The Paragraphs Cake - Structured & Layered Content Chunk Goodness

Speaker: webbeh
Audience: Beginner
Track: Site Building

Drupal and field chunks have always been on the top of the 'to-do' and 'want' lists for content editors and site builders. We've seen lots of solutions come up over the years: field_group, field_collection, entityreference - all of which take an angle of the field chunks needs. 

Paragraphs, a recent newcomer to the arena of field chunks, solves the riddle of "how do we make field_collection both scalable and flexible to meet the ever-expanding needs of long-form and multi-layout pages?".

In this presentation, I'll go over:

  1. The history of fieldable chunks - What is the idea? What modules came before Paragraphs? How does Paragraphs fit a niche need?
  2. How Paragraphs works - installation, setup, and usage from end-user and content editor. The 30,000 foot view of Paragraphs inside and out.
  3. Extending Paragraphs - Going one step further with Paragraphs and extending its design for some particular use-cases.
  4. Cases - Finally, looking at community to see how Paragraphs is used. 

Community Charging Solutions

Speaker: dbt102
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"


(for electric vehicles and the Drupal community)

You are driving to Drupal Camp and your electric vehicle needs a charge. Finding a charger on a map is one thing. What if it's in use? What if you need to pee? How long will the charge take? Where can you go while waiting? Drupal to the rescue!

A little planning and bit of code can turn today's dumb charging experience into an amazing digital one. A great side effect is that open charging solutions will drive demand for new application development by your favorite online community.

David Thompson will explain this growth vector, covering topics that include:

  • How bundled services and smart service systems can add new value
  • The Drupal modules behind community charging solutions
  • Solving data integration problems between disparate systems
  • The role of open protocol hardware and open source software
  • On affordability and incorporating existing infrastructure
  • Energy as content, and syndicating it via Drupal web services

This is cool. Drupal 8, with its deep capabilities and flexibility, is ready to scale this clean EV related tech dramatically.

How To Grow Support To Become A Cornerstone Of Your Business

Speaker: labboy0276
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

When we started our support program, it almost seemed like post-launch support was a dirty word in the community.  It was very easy to build a fancy Drupal site and walk away.  We noticed that the average end user can't really work a Drupal site that well. This led to a very simple question: how do we offer support to clients so they benefit and we make a profit?

We will go over many methods that have worked for us.  We will also talk about the methods we tried and failed at in the past four years of our Kalacare program. Topics will include, but will not be limited to:

- How do you even find support clients?
- How do you structure support (pricing, tiers, etc.?)
- What tools do you use to manage support?
- Who can fit the support role well and how do you help them succeed?
- How do you offer different packages and how to sell them
- How do you handle different types of support clients?
- How do you convert support jobs to project-based work?

Join John Ouellet (Director of Support) of Kalamuna to find out how you can make support a cornerstone of your business. Questions are welcomed.

Set up a Drupal 8 Development Workflow with Configuration Management, Drush and Git

Speaker: Jorge Diaz
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Site Building

In this session, I will guide you through the steps required to effectively setup a dev workflow to enable your team members to synchronize and develop Drupal 8 websites based on Configuration Management, Git and Drush.

This is just one of many different approaches you may find online and it is based on our development and training experience with Drupal 8 at Evolving Web.

For sure, you will clear out a lot of doubts on how to actually set up your team to start working on Drupal 8 right away.

The session is divided in a small intro and the rest is a live demo based on the following sample scenario:

  • A "hypothetical" team of just 2 developers: Amy and Mario
  • A new Drupal 8 Project site we will be running on Acquia Dev Desktop.
  • And a GitHub repository for it (we will create a public repository for this exercise

Migrating Monsters

Speaker: swirt
Audience: Advanced
Track: Development & Performance

Tips and tricks for migrating monstrous websites from mixed sources (Drupal, static html, Cold Fusion, custom CMS ... ) into Drupal.  Based on the experience of moving several large federal websites composed of multiple combinations of legacy sites and sub-sites into one cohesive Drupal site. Federate multiple sites into one without broken links or loss of SEO history.  The concepts are version agnostic and will work for D7 or D8.

Debugging, Profiling, & Rocking Out with Browser-Based Developer Tools!

Speaker: mherchel
Audience: Advanced
Track: Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Browser based developer tools have become an indispensable tool for modern front-end web development. New features and changes are being added at a rapid pace!

In this presentation, I’ll walk the attendees through the tricks of the trade of Chrome developer tools,  in addition to Firefox and Safari’s developer tools. I’ll walk through common problems and how to solve them including

  • Integrating DevTools into your modern front-end workflow
  • Modern front-end debugging techniques using browser-based developer tools
  • Identifying front-end performance problems (and fixing them!)
  • Profiling browser rendering issues
  • Making sure your CSS is resilient to content-based changes
  • Common  add-ins
  • How this all relates to Drupal
  • Using browser based developer tools to remotely debug your smartphone - both Android and iOS (but not Blackberrry - Sorry!)
  • Various tips and tricks that will save you hours in your next project

And best of all, this will all be covered through the use of real-world examples.


Taxonomy inside and outside of Drupal

Speaker: rhuffstedtler
Audience: Beginner
Track: Site Building

Drupal's core taxonomy system is substantially more powerful and flexible than those offered by most competing CMSes. Most site builders only scratch the surface of what it can do. In this presentation, we'll talk about what a taxonomy is, the use cases that a well thought out taxonomy enables, the reasons that Drupal's taxonomy system is so good, and the steps you need to take to define your taxonomy before you start trying to put it in Drupal. This session is aimed primarily at site builders and non-developer project stakeholders, but everyone should be able to get something out of it.

Many conversations about taxonomy start and end with what happens in the Drupal user interface. This session will describe not only the Drupal specific steps, but the overall methodology that one uses to develop the taxonomy.

This is an updated version of my taxonomy talk given at TC Drupal Camp in 2016.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Items covered in this presentation

  1. What is a taxonomy?
  2. What do taxonomies allow you to do?
    1. Dynamic views of categories
    2. Faceted search
    3. -Personalization
  3. How Do I Build a Taxonomy
    1. Content Sampling and Analysis
    2. Stakeholder Worksessions
    3. Testing and Revision
    4. Educate and Tag
  4. Why is Drupal Awesome for Taxonomy
    1. Built in taxonomy capabilities
    2. Fieldable terms and vocabularies
    3. views integration
    4. Contrib Modules: Taxonomy Manager
  5. Things that Taxonomy people want

Social Impact in Seven Days

Speaker: dangur
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Development & Performance

In less than a week we built a site that exposes the would-be financiers of the Dakota Access Pipeline while building a community of potential divestors from those banks and ultimately the oil pipeline project. We’ll share what technologies we used, how our process worked, and where we can go from here.

One Step at a Time: Lessons Learned from Drupal Newbie to Core Committer

Speaker: Cottser
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Beginner Track

Gather 'round and I'll tell you the story of my journey from starting out as a complete Drupal newbie to becoming a core committer for Drupal 8. I'll share some lessons I've learned, and we'll talk about how you can implement some of them into your life and your career.

You'll hear some Drupal stories including an inside look into the development of Drupal 8 and how Twig stayed in core. It's a bit of a cautionary tale at times but the tone is light-hearted, and there will be capes, cold medication, and at least one cat picture. I'll be telling my story but the takeaways scattered throughout can be used to navigate your path in Drupal or in life. There will be plenty of Drupal talk but ultimately this session is more about things like following your passion and staying sustainable.

Why should you attend this presentation?

  • You're curious about Drupal contribution or thinking about starting a new project or hobby (doesn't have to be Drupal-related)
  • You want some insight into how people get involved in the Drupal community and how things get done
  • You like hearing origin stories even if they don't include radioactivity

The Drupal 8 Theming Experience

Speaker: Cottser
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Theming has changed in Drupal 8. If you've themed in Drupal 7, some parts will feel familiar, and others will probably feel entirely new.

The technical details are already out there so instead we'll talk about the stories and reasons behind some of the changes and in doing so try to understand Drupal 8 theming better as a whole and learn to work with the system rather than against it.

Whether you've themed in Drupal 8 or not, expect to learn a thing or two that you can use in your day-to-day work.

We will talk about:

  • How small groups of people that care can make significant changes
  • Why making Drupal's theming experience better is necessary
  • How new tools can surprise you with new ideas

Drupal 8 Real Talk

Speaker: ksalbrecht
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Following a rebranding initiative, the Rainforest Alliance web design team collaborated with Last Call Media to build the next version of in Drupal 8. This talk is our story and covers how agile software development methodologies were used to meet the requirements of the project with Drupal 8.

You've probably seen their little frog on coffee cups and packaging all over. Rainforest Alliance is an international force bringing real change to the world on a daily basis. As arguably the most impressive Drupal 8 site to date, launched within a year of D8's initial release, this is a timely and highly relevant topic.

Using this real-world Drupal 8 example, we will discuss Agile/Scrum techniques used to optimize the thinking necessary for getting a large, complex, Drupal 8 project across the finish line. Topics and problem areas will be discussed in a story-telling format and will be of benefit and interest to attendees of any expertise.

The written version of this talk can be found here:

Kelly Albrecht is a Certified ScrumMaster, Senior Producer, and Product Owner at Last Call Media.

Entities All Up in Your Business (Logic): The Entity Validation API in Drupal 8

Speaker: dhansen
Audience: Advanced
Track: Development & Performance

This session is sponsored by Sevaa - thank you!

Before Drupal 8 the best (and sometimes the only) way ensure that the data in nodes was correct was to lean on the form API's validation. This meant a validation function that would only run when trying to save the form. It's a nightmare for anyone building an application with lots of moving pieces because at no time could you guarantee that the data was valid without writing additional processing.

Drupal 8 has introduced the new Entity Validation API to help solve this problem. Validation on an entity is now write once, use everywhere. This means your project or application can have enforceable business logic built right into the entities it uses.

In this session we will:

  • Discuss and review existing uses of the API in Drupal 8 core
  • Learn how to check the validity of entities
  • Demonstrate adding constraints to custom and existing entity types
  • Understand the writing of custom constraints

The session is targeted at users with some understanding/experience in writing Drupal 8 modules, but anyone with some knowledge of PHP should be able to follow along.

Making PhpStorm Do Your Job for You

Speaker: Ec1ipsis
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Development & Performance

Between you and your brilliant code stands... the editor. From Notepad to Eclipse - we stare them down daily. Sometimes even before coffee. Wouldn't it be nice if PhpStorm could do some of your work for you, even if it's not a caffeine replacement?

Come join us for a deep dive into code refactoring, live templating, and other features PHPStorm offers to automate away the pesky parts of your job.

Grow revenue by productizing your Drupal services

Speaker: gogates
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Project Management and Consulting

Create offerings which are packaged on top of Drupal e.g. in Healthcare domain, create a Patient assessment workflow which can be sold to Hospitals and large Healthcare centers. Or in a Publishing domain, create a Multi-App / Multi-site framework with basic workflows. You should also contribute back to the community with niche distros. This helps in creating a mindshare and acquiring new business.

Creating these offerings is not easy, for that matter scaling business is never easy :) Following points need to be considered while creating Productized services (will be talking in detail):

  • What is required to carve out Productized services?
  • How can it be structured?
  • Can you put a price to it?
  • How can you market these Productized services?

Building a Cohesive Drupal Team

Speaker: designfitsu
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

This session sponsored by Digital Echidna.

Great work comes from great teams. To create outstanding digital experiences in Drupal, you need to maximize the effectiveness of your team. This session helps you:

  • Identify and understand typical Drupal teams, roles, and skills;
  • Learn about recruiting strategies;
  • Differentiating between an effective team and a mix of people in a group;
  • Hone your leadership skills to maximize team performance; and
  • Harness the power of an effective, cohesive team working co-operatively with a focus on goals.

The Sunny Side of SAML Based Single Sign On Integrations

Speaker: tylerashbaugh
Audience: Beginner
Track: Beginner Track

"Oh definitely Mr. Client, Drupal can integrate with your Identity Provider so your users can benefit from Single Sign On!"

There's a module for that right?

If you're like me when I first started my Drupal journey, I thought I could just install/enable a module, set a few configurations and be on my way to blissfully allowing users to SSO into my client's new site. 

Wrong! It's not quite that easy, but thanks to a long, bumpy, fly by the seat of your pants adventure of integrating with a 100 pound gorilla's Identity Provider I'm here today to share the sunny side of this type of integration.

This mostly sunny weather forecast will include the following:

  • Demystifying the architecture of an SSO integration I.E.: IDP, SP, Metadata, etc.
  • Set up your first Service Provider using SimpleSAMLPHP
  • Set up your first Identity Provider to mock your customer's metadata using SimpleSAMLPHP
  • Install/enable the SimpleSAMLPHP_Auth module
  • Properly configure the SimpleSAMLPHP_Auth module
  • Map additional metadata to other fields for your users
  • Easily debug failing assertions and improperly mapped metadata

My first adventure in this type of integration used Drupal 7 as its platform but today's session will use Drupal 8 as its platform, so we'll also take a quick look at the differences between implementation in v7 and v8.

Join me for this session and answer your client's with confidence regarding their SSO needs!

Drupal 8 Caching: A Developer’s Guide

Speaker: xpsusa
Audience: Intermediate
Track: Development & Performance

Maximize the advantages of caching and ensure your Drupal 8 web sites are performant. Get the technical information you need to handle caching in Drupal 8 now.

Caching is arguably one of the most important aspects of developing a high-performance, enterprise Drupal 8 web site.

In this fast-paced, information-filled session you’ll quickly get solid details on caching, why it is important, what it does and how to employ it, including:

Caching Concepts
Caching Basics
Drupal performance settings
Drupal caching modules
D8 caching primer
Varnish .vcl
HTTP Cache headers
Surrogate Keys
Cookies and Caching
Caching API call results
Browser and Proxy caching
Other technologies to use in tandem with caching:

Aimed at busy, intermediate and advanced Drupal developers, this session offers developer-centric, real-world caching information and techniques for Drupal 8 with tips and information you can put to immediate use and boost your web site performance.

Developers Can Be User Advocates Too!

Audience: Intermediate
Track: Development & Performance

Recently I joined a team on their first day of discussing building a website. The kind of discussion that talks about what you want to be when you grow up—or in this case, once deployed. As I listened, it dawned on me—I don't do this—I build. It's unusual for me to be involved in the design phase, the phase where you take random thoughts, concepts and wants and make them a cohesive concept that are then mapped out into a design or wireframe or user journey. You see, I'm a developer and I don't take ideas from concept to product. I build based off specs/requirements.

So what's a developer to do? 

Enter Karl Kaufmann.

Karl and I will help developers understand how to be User Advocates. We will take you through design thinking and get to focus on your users in ways you never thought you even needed.

Attendees will learn:

  • About the Design Thinking process to help guide from concept to MVP
  • How to advocate for accessible web experiences for users with sight, hearing or cognitive impairments
  • About real world examples where websites succeed and fail to provide best-in-class user experiences
  • How we as developers can get out of our own way and embrace User Advocacy.

This session is geared toward current site builders and developers from beginner to intermediate levels who are building websites but who probably haven't tried to really understand their full compliment of end users.

This session is not specific to a version of Drupal.

We Sold Drupal to the World, Now We Must Support it.

Speaker: ksalbrecht
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Project Management and Consulting

This talk is the latest iteration on a previous DrupalCon Community Keynote and DrupalCamp Ottawa Keynote.

Drupal, over the past several years, has largely been a technology solution that almost sells itself. From huge organizations to entire governments to well established educational institutions, much of the world has standardized on Drupal as their solution for millions of websites.

As an open source community, we've built an amazing solution. The world has adopted it, and now we must support it.

By examining creativity where we then need to support what we've created, this presentation discusses some reasons for Drupal's success and the issues we now face in sustainably supporting our creation.

Covered topics include:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life / Drupal-life balance
  • Preventing burnout at an organisation/community/personal level
  • The human benefits of contributing to Open Source
  • Drupal community success stories / lessons learnt

Attendees, of any expertise, will consider answers to:

  • What does it mean to support something?
  • Who's job is it to care about the users of Drupal?

Lets Build an online store in less than 45 minutes with Bootstrap and Drupal Commerce

Speaker: Jorge Diaz
Audience: Beginner
Track: Design, Theming, & Front-end Development

Let's say a customer runs into your office with a huge rush to start selling his "Mexican imported shoes" online. It might be a big risk to take on the project, but why lose the work if you can come up with a solution in an acceptable time frame?

In this session, I will build a website from scratch with the Bootstrap base theme, Drupal Commerce and a simple PayPal payment process. I'll also mention some other similar theming solutions that are available out there.

The session is divided in 10 minutes presentation and 35 minutes live site building of the store, starting with a Drupal Install and finishing with an actual purchase of a product through PayPal sandbox.

Who will enjoy this session?

- Newcomers to the Drupal World
- Web Designers
- Front-End Developers
- Drupal Themers
- Drupal Site Builders
- Anyone who wants to know how to build a Bootstrap + DrupalCommerce in less than 45 minutes…

Your web site needs a FavIcon - I'll show you how to make one.

Speaker: Ozzie Osband
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Beginner Track

When someone saves your webpage in a Bookmark, the FaveIcon image will usually be saved with it - IF you have one. Ozzie will happily show off how he creates them from images he finds on the net using only Paint. Some of the images he uses, he puts on the net first.

Why is it so useful? When a mobile user saves your page to their Home Screen on their smartphone - the FavIcon becomes the icon on the phone! That means having one should be considered necessary!

(Shouldn't be more than 15 min. Feel free to schedule with other Short Subjects)

Securing Yourself and Your Business 101

Speaker: David
Audience: All Attendees
Track: Sessions Off the "Drupal Island"

The world of the internet is built on openness. From the open source tools used to build the web to the free speech that we enjoy in the United States when it comes to what we post, there is little filter for a determined individual of even relatively limited means.


I want us to talk about the basic techniques that we can use to secure those means. There are a variety of reasons that you would want to secure your website, browsing, and communications. These include hackers looking to use your website and computer for nefarious purposes, scammers looking to extract money from you and your customers, all the way up to state-sponsored actors with specific agendas.


Let's set up a more secure version of our websites, our businesses, and ourselves together.