Virtual Conferences: How we used Drupal to save the company!

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Room 159 Audience All Attendees Time Slot Sat 11:00am to 11:45am (2/19/22)

Conference Catalysts is a company that provides conference organization for associations around the world. But what happens when these conferences can not longer happen?

This session is a real-world case study on how we used Drupal to rapidly pivot from on-site to virtual conferences.

We will cover a developer-focused, technical overview of technologies used to provide key features in our virtual conferences. We'll include technical details and code examples on how features were implemented. Additionally, we'll cover how we prepared data for the Drupal application and how we deployed nearly 100 conference since the pandemic began.

Free open source technologies we'll touch on include but are not limited to include:

  • Rocket.Chat - Session and social chat engine
  • Google Sheets API - Migration sources and data preparation
  • Jitsi - Video conversations
  • Cvent API - REST API polling for Attendee management
  • Tailwind 2.x - Front-end framework for fully customized theme
  • - Multi-application deployments
  • Drupal: Migrations, Flagging, Views, Batch API Arocessing, 
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