Tailwind in Drupal: Our framework of choice!

Session Category Theming, Design, & Usability Room 180 Audience Intermediate Time Slot Sun 10:00am to 10:45am (2/20/22)

In this session we aim to lower the bar to creating custom themes using a utility-first front-end framework, Tailwind CSS.

Lets dive into using Tailwind with Drupal and see how you can accomplish the following:

  • Start a new Tailwind theme from scratch
  • Use NPM/Yarn and Laravel Mix to create a theme build process
  • Customize variables and other Tailwind settings
  • Use Tailwind in your theme deployment process
  • Reduce your CSS footprint with Purging and "Prose" setup (Parse Drupal template files for classes)
  • Enhance user experience using the Javascript framework Alpine JS
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