Here's what you need to know before submitting a session:

  • If you need your session accepted early (because of travel arrangements or other), please let us know.
  • We'll have rolling session acceptance (meaning we'll accept some early at certain times). So, the earlier you submit, the better your chances!
  • General sessions are 45 minutes and may include 10-15 minutes for audience Q+A.
  • CFP deadline is January 22nd, 2018.
  • We're planning on recording all of the sessions.
  • We’ll have Wifi. But, don’t rely on it :)
  • All speakers (and attendees) are required to abide by our Code of Conduct.
  • We love session submissions on topics other than Drupal including
    • JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, et al)
    • Other CMS’s differences with Drupal (WP, Craft, etc)
    • Integrations with Drupal
    • Case studies on using Drupal
    • General Web topics and technologies (free software, CSS, etc)
    • Business related topics
    • SysAdmin / DevOps (Containers, etc)
    • Being Human (Imposter Syndrome, overcoming adversity, inclusion, etc)
  • Please also read the Speaker Information page.
  • If you're new to speaking or are a bit nervous, contact us! We can set you up with a mentor to help you out!


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